December 20, 2011

Said YES to the DRESS!!

Yesterday was my birthday, and my one and only birthday wish was dress shopping in Charlotte!!

My mom and I went to a few of the boutiques in Charleston and saw so many dresses that we liked, but nothing too special. Every dress to try on was a 10 or 12 so of course each one had to be pinned to fit my tiny frame, and each dress just seemed to swallow me. I didn't really have the vision needed to imagine the dress in half the size and half the amount of extra material, so we went to David's Bridal, where I would at least be able to put on a dress that fit me and regain my confidence!

I knew I wanted a dress that was really special though, I didn't want a dress thousands of other brides across America were wearing! A friend of  mine suggested a store she went to in Charlotte with another bride-to-be. She said the shop itself is STUNNING on the inside with beautifully hand-painted details on the wall throughout the store, it's so clean, dresses are very well taken care of, staff is nice, tons of changing rooms with white leather couches for your guests to judge your picks, gleaming marble floors, and tall mirrors with hanging sparkly chandeliers above them. I was sold!

Mom, Auntie Melody, Ashlyn (bridesmaid) and Teresa (MOH) tagged along to NY bride & groom. It was even more beautiful in person than what my friend had described! Before driving up, I had memorized all of their lines and just knew I'd find my dress here!

This was ranked 4th of the 4 I loved
It had pockets! But don't get any ideas...the dress I ended up choosing is not the same style at all!

I tried on sooo many dresses and liked nearly every single one. It was a tough decision, but I found 4 dresses I LOVED, but only one made me truly feel like a bride. It's so pretty!! Best of all, this dress was made ESPECIALLY for this for me that means the odds of someone else wearing it are extremely slim :-D It is truly one of a kind and I knew I would never find another dress I like more!

I can't *wait* til Stephen sees me in my dress!!

December 6, 2011

How it happened...

Good stories have a great beginning, so I guess I'll start there!

Stephen and I met during his first year at USC as a grad student, and my last year as an undergrad. He was teaching a lab that I had begrudgingly signed up for in order to graduate. The first day of class, I immediately noticed him and was so glad I had signed up for Weather and Climate. You could definitely say I was "hot for teacher!!" I had a crush on him the entire semester and made a lame attempt to flirt but he didn't seem interested.  My friend and fellow classmate, Leigh, and I used to joke during class not to look directly in his eyes cus you wouldn't be able to pay attention to a thing he was saying! Being a moral teacher, he paid me no special attention and I earned that "C" fair and square.

Once the semester was over, we continued to talk just about every week. I was dropping hints like crazy to let him know I liked him, but it took about a year for him to take a hint! Finally we set a time to hang out, and my best friend Erin and I went out to Flying Saucer to meet Stephen and some of his friends. Afterwards, my last lame attempt, "Hey, you wanna watch Season 1 of Lost together?" (..yea, don't laugh) it WORKED and we watched every single episode together. On St. Patrick's Day 2010, we had our first real date.

Since last Christmas, Stephen and I have kind of joked and flirted with the idea of getting engaged. One night during the summer, he mentioned that we should get a blender to make milkshakes. I told him, "Ya know...people put blenders on wedding registries..." Taking the hint, he never bought us a blender, not even a cheap one. We've joked about the blender since the summer and talk all the time about how much we wished we had a blender but instead, we've just made our milkshakes with a spoon!

This morning, Stephen woke me up with a peanut butter and banana milkshake. I looked inside the glass and thought, "This looks rather emulsified."  I squinted my eyes and asked him, "How did you make this? ..not with a spoon.." And he said he'd bought a blender!!!!!! Then he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him!

I have no idea why my hand looks red here!

It was absolutely perfect. Being the morning, I didn't have my contacts in and couldn't see a darn thing! I could see a blurry box with a blurry shiny object in it and said YES! I'd hoped and wanted to be Stephen's girlfriend for so long... and our relationship has been more than I could have ever asked for. We've built a happy home full of love together, and have become part of each other's families in the 2 years we've been dating. Good things come to those who wait.....and I have been waiting my whole life for Stephen.

I love him more than myself.

November 30, 2011

#48. Complete 5 works of art

I realized I had not posted any pics of the 5 "works of art" I've done! These are some of the things I've painted:

Coastal Carolina / Clemson mascot for my cousin, Christian

USC Halloween pumpkin for my parents

Gamecock painting sold at TNT auction: $50

Wine glass- Alice in Wonderland caterpillar, for Erin

Gamecock painting to replace the one I sold

November 9, 2011

Amazing Race knowledge bombshell

I know I begin every post this way but much has happened since my last post 2 months ago!
  • I finished my first level sign language class and loved it. I picked up the language pretty quickly but won't get to continue classes until January. Hopefully I don't lose any of it between now and then.
  • Stephen accepted a job with Research Planning, Inc. and is currently in Louisiana on his second business trip!
  • My best friend had a baby and I am now a Godmother!
  • Sober for October wasn't a complete bust. I didn't drink for 28 days, and my goal was a month. ...and 28 days is a February month, so I'll take it!
  • I had my practicum/internship meeting with the faculty yesterday and it was a success! Success happens to those who "be the pig" (see previous post).  I was approved to move on to practicum, so from January-roughly July, I'll be working some with Deaf Services and the rest with Insights, a program for young adults with severe and persistent mental illness! YAYYY
  • I still have not washed my car once since I started my 999 days. Sad.

And since Stephen is gone for the next two weeks, I thought I might catch up on one of my favorite shows: THE AMAZING RACE! I love it, I haven't missed a season, and they're currently on season 19. Big fan. Big fan. 

So this season, I have fallen in love with a team (Andy & Tommy).

They are professional snowboarders (and basically are awesome with all, long, wake, skate)- one was in the 02 Olympics, the other in 06. They've won 5 of 7 legs so far, and they always make it look so easy! Like oh, let me just climb this mountain, build this toy, restructure this coral reef and run across big deal. They look like the nicest people and seems like of all the teams, they are enjoying themselves the most! They are competitive, but not in a deceitful way, they never argue with each other, they know how to work as a team- no matter how big or small a task is they allocate quickly and split up the duty without complaint, they appreciate each town they are in and embrace the culture with such optimism. They are Christians and they actually ACT like Christians!! They're considerate of others (giving the last place team the answers to a really difficult puzzle), and when they did win that leg- not without the help of the 2nd place team- they felt bad taking the first place prize and wanted to give it to the team who helped them! HELLO- I've never seen a team act so humble in the 19 seasons I've been watching this show. 

I definitely think they'll make it to the top 3 and they have what it takes to come out on top. And I've got a theory as to why.

  1. They're physically capable because they're snowboarders.  
  2. They're mentally capable because they're hippies.

Think about the qualities one might need to be one of the best snowboarders in the world: Drive, commitment- snowboarding, mountain climbing, wakeboarding, basically any x-treme sport, requires an extremely high level of commitment; you could really hurt yourself, you could DIE if you give up at halfway. Obviously bravery- it takes alot of mental stability (or maybe instability) to stand at the peak with nothing but fresh powder in sight! You've gotta be level headed and know exactly what "mind over matter" means.  You must have a good sense of body-awareness (flipping through the air, you should probably know where your head is in relation to the ground) which comes in handy in doing anything requiring athleticism. You have to be extremely agile and have perfect control of your body movements. If you watch snowboarders or flyers in cheerleading, they look like their legs don't weigh anything...because they think UP.  They're light on their feet and all of their muscles are controlled by the core. Bam! All those combined and you have yourself the perfect athlete.

Now think about the qualities that make a hippie a hippie: ELE. Everybody love everybody. These guys are always "stoked!" They're stoked about everything, and they're humble! Good positive attitude will get you through just about anything.

So yes, I'll step off my soap box now while you go to Hulu and watch these guys in action.

October 9, 2011

Burgett wedding

Mandy and Robert's wedding was so much fun! They were married on their 10 year anniversary and everyone was anticipating this day for a long time. I always cry profusely at weddings (esp for my brother's...the ugly cry was definitely happening), but I thought I'd suddenly become jaded because I haven't cried in the last two weddings. But the tears came back for the Burgett wedding! Just as they started their first dance, I thought of the year I they started dating...we were all so young in HS, it seems like forever ago and here they finally were getting married. It was very emotional :-)

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

He got ICED!

I'm a one-man flash mob

Can't explain the personal drama that unfolds with each bouquet toss I partake in

...oh...there's more.

 One day, I'll catch that thing.

September 30, 2011

Sober for October?

I have just a little over a year left until my 99 in 999 days in over! I have been so busy this year and my posts are few and far between and I apologize for that. Grad school has taken over any and all free time, work is same ol' same ol' and working every other weekend for the past few months is rough. I will be lucky if I finish reading 7 more books by next September. I really had to skim through the last half of the most recent book: The Shack. Of all the books I have put on my reading list, this was the most, hmmm, annoying? book and hardest to get through. Sorry.  I've finished three in the past month though, so maybe it is possible!

Sober for October
Yep, Oktoberfest will not be celebrated this year! After Mandy and Robert's wedding on the 1st, I'll be on my sober platform until Halloween. And this being the last Halloween, I HAVE to enter in a costume contest. My mom and I started sewing together what will be the best costume I've ever made....even better than this:

September 8, 2011

Fall is quickly approaching!

I have more than cool weather to be excited for!

  • I begin sign language classes in 4 days! I've been hoping for this opportunity since before I even started my 99 list :-) So excited that I've taught myself the pledge of allegience...though this is a CE class, not 1st grade so I probably will not use that piece of knowledge.
  • Football season is here and we started our season off with a W against ECU.  I had forgotten how much I missed football
  • My college roommate and friends from HS are getting married ON their 10 year's been a long time coming and a day we've all been anticipating for quite a few years!

  • The SC state fair
  • "R" months = oysters!!!
  • Halloween! This is the last Halloween in my 999 days so I have to enter in a costume contest.  Earlier this year, I fell in love with Aronofsky's film, Black Swan.  The makeup and costume design were absolutely genius and I knew this would be so fun to dress up as!! The creative juices started flowing and mom and I started to recreate the tutu Natalie Portman wore.  There are a few costumes I found online but they look no where near authentic! So I decided to make the whole thing myself.   Being the first halloween after the movie, the tutorials to make the costume are few and far between so I studied multiple pictures and videos of the tutu, and watched traditional tutorials on how to make a pancake tutu.  I sketched it out drew out the dimensions; I should've taken pictures of our 7 step process cus it would make a great DIY tutorial!*  Not to toot my own horn, but it is already looking amazing.  With all the work going into this reincarnation, I better win this damn contest.
  • Last but certainly not least: SOBER for OCTOBER!  Yes, since I've made excuse after excuse since the very start of my 999 days, I am making a 3rd attempt to make it past 2 weeks of alcohol-free living...I'm goin for the big 30! I will start after Mandy and Robert's wedding (of course!) on the 1st and end my sobriety on Halloween. Help me Jesus

*For those truly interested in my process "How to make a DIY Black Swan costume," here ya go:
(Sorry I don't have a step-by-step picture process, but I'll post pictures within the next two weeks of each finished step)

What you'll need:
-3 different types of tulle (3 yd netting, 1 yd fine/pliable tulle, and 1 yd stiff tulle)
-1 yd black silk (use the cheapest, LIGHTEST material you can find)
-length of elastic that, once stretched, fits around your waste
-black cheerleading bloomers
-pack of Silver "sparkly" pipe cleaners (I think I only used 4 or 5). a pack of 25 was completely unnecessary unless one day I decide to make a bunch of crappy Christmas ornaments
-black corset
-pack of black ostrich feathers
-crystal jewels (these must be FOR clothing...don't use sequin. Sequin isn't porous and therefore will not stick if glued to your bodice)

Phase I- Skirt
  1. Cut 6 lengths of netting using a 4:1 waste ratio, decreasing each layer's width by 1.5 inches. If you think about the tutu like the layers of the Earth and you're the "inner core" (don't laugh, this will help), these 6 layers are the "mantle." I used a netting which, once starched, holds up the "pancake" shape very well.  Widest (top) layer will be 16 inches and go down from there with the shortest layer being the one that'll be closest to your legs.
  2. Pin the stacked 6 layers in place, lining them up along the top edge where you'll be sewing them together. Watch the YouTube video (yea, this is a step, again don't laugh) on how to pleat and sew tulle together.  There's only one good'll see it.
  3. Once the 6 layers are pinned and pleated together, the loooong length you started with should perfectly wrap around your waste.  Sew this onto a length of elastic that wraps perfectly around your waste when slightly stretched.  Sew the ends together to form a skirt, leaving some space at the top for some snaps, buttons, whatever you wanna use to fit the skirt up your thighs and keep it around your waste!  The tulle should "point" upwards so that when you flatten around and starch, it will be parallel to the floor.  Call this the pancake.
  4. Repeat Step 1 & 2 using the stiff tulle and a 3:1 waste ratio.  The widest layer will be 8 inches, smallest being 1 inch.  Once pleated and sewn together, sew onto bloomers and again, sew pointing up so once flattened, it will be parallel to the floor.  (This might actually take two people...I stretched the bloomers while my mom sewed on the tulle.)  Figuratively, this is the "outer core."
Go have a beer.  Hard part's over.
  1. Lay the silk over your pancake and cut a hole in the center where your waiste goes and around the edges of the skirt (Yea, I know that not supposed to be the way you sew, but I am a layman).  Cut a slit to match up to the opening/closure of the skirt, and sew to the wasteband. Now you have your "crust." 
  2. Hot glue some of the crystals on the left corner, saving the rest for the bodice.
  3. Use the fine/pliable tulle to gently lay across the skirt as sort of a fluffy, barely there layer.
This is why I used the Earth as an example.  Once your bloomers are on, the stiff tulle should stick out parallel to the floor without starch (outer core). Skirt/silk/soft tulle (mantle and crust) should fit right over the bloomers and stick out like a pancake.
And there's your skirt!

Phase II- Bodice
I bought a very plain black corset and attached the ostrich feathers to the top right boob and a little along the wasteband of the skirt. Bejewel as you see fit, but I stayed as close as I could to the original!

Phase III- Crown
Using the silver pipe cleaners, abstractly bend them in a way to look like a tiara. (I promise I'll post pictures since that was entirely too vague)

August 21, 2011

Be the pig!

Next month will mark the last 365 days of my 99 list, and there are some BIG TICKET items I've come to realize I just may not achieve. Such as: go sky diving or bungee jumping, donate blood (will probably [hopefully] not gain the 15 pounds needed to be eligible within the next year), rent a mountain house, or travel outside the US.  But who knows, maybe I will decide I have little to lose and will jump out of a plane, realize how fragile life is and self-indulge til I'm 115 lb, and win the lottery with my one ticket that I buy (#93) and spend the money to travel outside of the US AND rent a mountain house with friends.  Likely story!

I have marked off some from my list in the past month though: Stephen and I finished the Charleston sprint tri in record time (personal records that is), I've added a few new beers, learned how to play poker, and I'm currently working my way through 3 books.  I finished my summer classes with good grades (but not without a price, and I'll get to that in a minute) and have just started my LAST semester of actual classes before I can start my practicum and internship!  I'm super excited to start, and especially for next month when I start taking sign language classes!  Not only will this mark another goal off of my list, but will open up the option of working with deaf services for my internship.

So my summer classes really opened my eyes as to the type of person I am.  I've been feeling quite apathetic about school since January and haven't really been putting much effort into my classes.  I've been getting A's by turning in sub-par work, and seeing little incentive to put forth much more effort than that.  Even though I'm making A's in pretty much everything, I was just not "feelin' it" or enjoying the program.  So it raised the question, "What type of person are you when no one's looking?" I was asked the question, "Why put effort in at work and not in school? When no one's watching at work, do I start to slack off?" And my answer was, "There's always someone watching."

Is there?

At 3am when no one's watching, are you the type to stand at an elevator door and push the down button once? Or are you pushing that button 10 times? Are you the type of person who has the self discipline to do the same thing while people are watching, when people aren't?

Well, if there's no one looking, I am that person that's jabbing the button til the elevator door opens! And apparently, I will only perform when there's people watching or when I see an obvious incentive. What happens to me when there's no one to keep after me? No one to jab me in the side to get to work?  At this stage of the game, it's hard to see why I need all the classes I'm taking, therefore hard to see the incentive in absorbing information.  I see now, after a lengthy conference with the faculty that there is a purpose and very good reason for each class I have. I may not see it now, but I will come next year.

My professors told me, "At breakfast, the chicken contributes but the pig commits." Made little sense then, but after mulling on it for a week, I realize that this is my last semester of classes, and I need to BE THE PIG!

August 1, 2011

Charleston Sprint Triathlon

Stephen and I competed in the Charleston Sprint triathlon this past weekend!

This was Stephen's first, and my second tri. Since Stephen had trained with me every step of the way for Tri Latta, it only seemed right for him to show the fruits of his labor. I was in the transition area before Stephen's wave even began the swim, so I never saw Stephen again until I was finishing up the bike and he was just leaving. I'm glad I didn't see what happened to him during the swim...

Apparently, Stephen's goggles fogged up, and he lost his bearings in the water. Instead of following the colored caps of other people, he followed the buoys. But in doing so, I completely skipped a buoy and swam to the finish line! No one in a kayak stopped him or told him he was going the wrong way, so he made it all the way to the finish before someone told him he had to swim ALL the way back to the last buoy then back to the finish if he didn't want to be disqualified!

So he was dead last out of the water :-/ 
Luckily, this gave him some anger motivation and he was able to pass one person on the bike, and several during the run.  Turns out...his final time was 2 minutes faster than mine!!

my family makes signs for everything :-)

June 28, 2011

15 months left!

It sounds like a long time, but with as many goals as I still have to mark off the list, the clock is ticking!!

I've sold almost all 40 of my cookbooks, I found my abs again, I am currently reading Diary by Pallanuk and Folly Beach by Dorothea B. Frank, I completed my first Summer course, and I still haven't gone 30 days without drinking!

I competed in the Tri Latta Sprint triathlon about two weeks ago in Charlotte (for pictures, check out my facebook) and I think I did pretty well! I was hoping for under 2 hours, but I came in at 2:11:13. Which is really great for my first tri- and I had (not once) ran a 5k during my training. To be honest, I've never even ran more than 2 miles at one time :-/ So to have ran the whole 5k at the end of swimming 750meters and biking 17 miles is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

Call me crazy. I am competing in ANOTHER tri July 31 in Charleston with Stephen! 

June 9, 2011

Time Warner Cable sucks

Saturday, May 26: Called TWC and ask they transfer services from old house to new house with no changes to current service (basic cable and internet). Installation at new house is scheduled for Monday, May 28- tech to arrive between 1-3pm. Informed rep that previous owners had TWC and cable line remains, so it should be an easy hook-up.

Monday, May 28: Tech arrives and says cable line needs to be buried underground. He leaves and says a burial will be scheduled in the next 7-10 days. "Then will I have service?" No, after the burial is completed, then a tech will come back out to install service.
Called a rep later that day to have a tech come back out talk to me so that I could personally show him that the cable does not need to be buried, and that it already runs underneath the house. Rep is confused and says someone who can answer my predicament will call me in the next few minutes. 5 hours later: no call. Called TWC back to check on status of our.. "predicament"..Rep schedules a tech to return to the house Wednesday so that I could talk with him, and that they will arrive between 9am - 8pm. As a "courtesy," they will call me 20 minutes before his arrival.

Wednesday, May 30: No call from any tech. At 6pm, I arrive home to find existing cable line has been cut in half and is dangling from the side of the house.  Called rep to remind them the purpose of this visit was specifically to show a tech that the cable runs underneath the house and does not need to be buried. She insists a burial is needed, and that they will come in the next 7-10 days, no more specific than that, it could be 7 days, it could be 10. "OK- so there's going to be an exposed cable dangling from the side of my house for the next 7-10 days?" "No (silly), they won't just leave it like that, they'll come out to remove it."

Monday, June 4: Exposed cable is still dangling from side of house and has weathered numerous lightning storms in the past 5 days. Called TWC to discuss with a rep when the cable can be removed. She says there is no scheduled appointment to cut the line, only to come talk to you.
"So he came out and cut the line unauthorized?"
"It's the tech's call what needs to be done. If he cut it, it was his call."
(I fume) "Give me the name of the tech who came on the 30th to vandalize my property"
"We can't provide that information. Our jobs are contracted out, and it doesn't show us a name of a specific tech."
"So how are the tech's held accountable if something goes wrong?"
*silence* "Someone can come out tomorrow to remove it, and also, it looks like the burial will happen tomorrow as well between 9am - 8pm."
"Will I receive a call? Because I was told last week I'd receive a call before the tech came, but that never happened."
"No- generally for these 'all day' appointments, they don't call ahead of time."

Tuesday, June 5: No call, no show.

Wednesday, June 6: Called TWC to remind them an exposed cable has now been dangling from the side of my house for a week, and that yesterday's appointment was a no call, no show. She says there is no record of an appointment scheduled for yesterday (I fume), but that there is an appointment for tomorrow to do the burial. Rep says a tech will come by between 1pm-3pm today to remove the exposed cable, and that I would receive a call before he came. 

Tech calls at 12:30pm- "Hi, I'm on my way to remove the cable."
"Wonderful, it's right at the front left window of the house. Dangling. You can't miss it."
(I'm at work so I miss his next call at 1:45) "Hi, me again. I'm ringing the doorbell at your house. No one is answering the door so please call to reschedule this appointment."

(5 minutes after message was left, I call him back to return to the house and just remove the cable. There's no need for me to be there, the cable is on the outside of the house and he has full access to it)
I call TWC again to explain what has just happened.

"Let me speak with a supervisor please." 

Denise- TWC supervisor: I explain that last week, I asked a tech be sent to my house so that I could talk with him and show him that a burial didn't need to happen, that it was already running through the basement of the house. Instead of receiving a call before he came, I received no call, and they took it upon themselves to cut the existing cable from the house. And that now, a burial really did need to happen. Now that someone has come out to remove said cable, he came and because I was not home (I'm at work), he left without removing the cable.
"Well, when a tech is requested to come out, someone has to be at the house to answer the service call."
*moment of puzzled thought* "But last week, I requested someone to come out, and I wasn't home, and they cut my cable in half UNAUTHORIZED." again I probe for the name of the tech who came out last week. She repeats this information can not be provided, and that the techs themselves don't even get assigned jobs until that morning.
"So the techs show up to work in the morning and don't know where they're going til they get there?!"
"It looks like the burial occurred on May 30th."
*even more moments of puzzled thought* "The same day the cable was cut in half?"
*exasperated supervisor* "Yes"
"Really? Because I've spoke to a number of reps since then, and you're the first person who's told me the burial has already happened. 2 reps have told me it was happening on Tuesday, and then tomorrow..."
"It's right here. May 30th- burial completed. It looks like you've called several times and spoke to several reps and you must have gotten them confused cus it says it right here."
sounds like I'm being accused and she's trying to elicit an apology out of me, "Ok....well the rep I just spoke to says there's an appointment to do the burial tomorrow."
"Ma'am, it looks like you didn't believe a burial had been done, so the rep must not have seen that it was already done, and scheduled it again for tomorrow." 
"Well...yea..cus, no one told me it was completed. And it doesn't really look like anyone's been in the yard to d.." 
*raised voice*"Ma'am, someone will be out between 5-7pm tonight to remove the exposed cable AND they'll come out tomorrow to double check and make sure the burial was completed on the 30th."
"Ok, wha.."
"And someone will come back out to get it hooked up on Saturday between 1pm-3pm. OK?"
"Umm, Ok..thank you?" *click* ..don't suppose I'll get a call before they come then.

Thursday, June 7: No call, no show ? But who really knows, they were coming by to simply "double check" my paranoia that the burial had not occurred. At least someone came to remove the exposed cable yesterday. They came before the appointment so I was not home when they got come the first guy who came yesterday couldn't do it when I wasn't home? Whatever. It's sitting in my trash can.

Saturday, June 9: Tech arrives on time to install cable. After a few minutes in the backyard, he knocks on the door to inform me that it doesn't look like the burial had been done.

thinks, "Of course not." says, "OK, let me call TWC. Don't go anywhere."

"I need to speak with a supervisor."
Richard- TWC supervisor answers. I explained the entire situation..again..and gave the name of the supervisor (Denise) who stated the burial had been done, and that someone was supposed to come by Thurs. to double check it but, "I don't even know if they came. I never get a phone call."
"I see that the appointment Thursday was scheduled to check and make sure burial had been done... But it doesn't look like anyone came by to do that."
*no shit* 
"...and I also do not see that a tech signed off on that burial on the 30th."
*very long pause, as I take the time to control my anger and steadily rising blood pressure* I will not yell. I will not yell. I will not yell.

yells, "So the supervisor...Denise..lied to me?"
"I can't tell you what she said."-sounding truly apologetic

Tech pops in to say he could do the burial AND hook up the cable today

"I can have the burial scheduled for the 13th a.." 
"No, forget it. The tech here says he can bury the cable and hook it up today."
"Well, perfect!" if the problem has been solved, and all wrong-doings are absolved
Richard reads my mind and promises that installation fees and next month's bill will be waived. 

Tech finishes installing internet and we're signing the last few papers when I ask Stephen to check and make sure the TV works too. Tech says, "TV? The order was to just install internet."
*recalls conversation from exactly 2 weeks ago* "No, there should have been no changes to our previous service...cable and internet."
"OK, I'll climb back up and get that hooked up for you."

Minutes later, tech says should be good to go. I click the TV back on and scroll up, only to find we have only 13 channels. 
"No. Previous services were 78 channels. Basic cable. ..And internet."
"Ok....*sweat pouring down his face* I'll climb back up and fix that for you. But they might charge you for that extra installation."
murmurs, "They're not gonna be charging me a damn thing."

At this point, I feel bad for the poor tech. He's gone above and beyond his call of duty. Anybody else would've left after saying the cable had not been buried.
He'd buried the cable himself, and climbed up in the heat twice already. I go out to give him a glass of water but still feel indebted to him. This man deserves food.

He finishes up, we have working cable, and working internet. Good man. I ask if he likes brownies. He looks up, grins, and shakes his head eagerly. I give him some brownies to take on the road.

I call Richard, the supervisor back, and let him know we have internet and basic cable, and we come to an agreement that all fees will be waived. I will receive a credit, and the bill will arrive June 30th with my credits applied.

Let's see if TWC can fuck something else up. be continued

April 5, 2011

Big update!

I can't believe it's been two months since my last post! Minutes after I posted that last one, you could say sh*t hit the fan!  So here's my 2 month update in as short a post as I can make it:

I started sending out emails that night to chefs in Charleston letting them know I had an idea to put together a fundraising cookbook.  It has been so hard doing everything myself. Between driving down to Charleston to meet with chefs, keeping in touch with chefs each week, designing and editing the book, marketing it, getting the pictures together, and hardest of all...keeping up after the chefs during Charleston's 2 busiest months, I am glad hard part's over! One chef in particular was super nice, and prepared 3 dishes for me to photograph..and much to my surprise, eat! DELICIOUS!! Thank you Chef Frank at Hank's seafood!!!

Now 2 months later, I am sitting with the final product in my hands! And boy does it feel good! To purchase yours: click here!!

On top of cookbook publishing, I'm training for my triathlon, seeing a chiropractor 3 days a week (I have xrays of my very crooked spine to show you if you're truly interested), and finishing up my 3rd semester of grad school. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

I participated in a practice tri to get my feet wet a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. I learned the hardest part of the whole race would be transitioning from bike to run...luckily I have 2 more months til my race.  Confidence booster was completing the swim in good time, and finishing the race first of the novice group. Can't wait to do an open water practice tri next month!

I also participated in the cooper river bridge run with Stephen again, and I beat my time last year by 18 minutes! Stephen beat his time by 40 minutes! It's crazy how much quicker you get to the finish line when you run ;-)

Let's see, what else?  I'm giving up soda this year for lent...not as difficult as giving up fast food last year, that's for sure.  I'm also giving up alcohol for 30 days since it's still on my list of "incomplete goals"--I'm on day 11. Ugh.

So there you have it folks. That's all the important stuff I've neglected to post! Hopefully I won't be so busy this month and will be able to update again soon!

February 4, 2011


I've FINALLY mustered enough motivation to sign up for an endurance event that's been collecting dust on my 99 list! #6. Complete a sprint triathlon

The Tri Latta Sprint Triathlon is June 12th, which gives me about 4 and a half months to train myself not to die. Luckily, I've joined the Columbia chapter of Team in Training, which gives me access to local coaches who will help me train for this event. I also get gym membership, and they will pay for my race and my travel expenses since it is in Charlotte, NC! Great deal huh? In return, I'm raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) through my website:

Also in the works, is a "Restaurants of Charleston- Donated Recipes" cookbook. My plan is to visit many of Charleston's favorite restaurants (including 82 Queen, Bocci's, The Library at Vendue Inn, Oscar's in Summervile, La Fourchette, 39 Rue de Jean, High Cotton, Magnolia's, SNOB, and the Dining room at Woodlands Inn) and ask the chef if he could donate a recipe to my cookbook. Thinking about it makes my mouth water!! I can't wait to get started putting it together.  The cookbooks will sell for $30 and each purchase will add your name into a drawing to win THIS snazzy cookbook stand from Crate & Barrel.

I'm doin big things. BIG things!!

January 19, 2011

First post of the new year!

Pic we used in the Christmas cards!
I've been a busy girl since my last post! I found a church I'd like to start attending regularly, read 4 books during the Christmas break, sent out Christmas cards for the first time, added a few beers to my Flying Saucer list, inspired a few more people to create their own 99 lists, and had my first mini mid-life crisis! That's alot to take in, I know...let me back up.

First things first, for whoever is reading my blog for the first time..Welcome! I created this blog 1 year ago, and have been slowly crossing 99 goals off of a "bucket list" of sorts. On the lower right hand side of this page, you'll find links to 10 other 99 lists from other people I've both directly and indirectly inspired. I feel humbled each time I get a message from someone telling me they saw my blog and have decided to make a "99 in 999" list of their own. I hope anyone who is seeing this for the first time will feel that "aha!" moment when you read my list and create one for yourself!

Columbia had a 3 day snow/ice storm last week. The city practically shut down for 2 days, and I took the first of those days to attempt snowboarding (and to cross that off my list) but once I was at the top of the hill and mentally picture my descend and imminent death, I decided to sit on the snowboard and slide down. There were a few other people at the park doing the same, and they invited us to a chili dinner at their friends house. Stephen and I decided to take them up on that tasty offer (thanks Sarah!!) and we were introduced to a ton of new people who all attended Midtown (a church a block away from my house.) My neighbors also go to this church so I walked with them this past Sunday and wow am I happy I did that! Midtown is the first church I have ever been to since I moved to Columbia, and is the first church I've ever willingly attended. Strike THAT off the 99 list! So after all was said and down, there WAS some good that came from an entire city shutting down due to 5 inches of snow!!

After realizing I had read only 5 books last year, I decided to kick it into high gear and read a few Sedaris books. They're short, and funny...I do recommend reading Holidays on Ice (Squirrel seeks Chipmunk? Not so much)! I also read Ishmael, one of the books Stephen got me for Christmas. It has quickly become one of my favorite books and I've begged my brother to read it. Ishmael was truly an eye-opening book and made me think about things in a different way. I loved it, and do highly recommend that book to anyone wanting a short philosophical read.

As far as the mini mid-life crisis goes: back in November, I decided it was time to let my belly button ring finally close up. Sure it's cute when you're 21, but I was, afterall, about to turn a quarter century old and practically retired. December 19th came and went, and a week after my birthday, I tried to turn back the hands of time thinking "No! You're not takin' me yet crypt keeper" and tried to force my belly button rod back in. For 15 minutes I poked and prodded my aging belly button, but to no avail. It was too late. I gave up eventually, admitting my midriff-showing belly-bedazzling days were over.