September 30, 2011

Sober for October?

I have just a little over a year left until my 99 in 999 days in over! I have been so busy this year and my posts are few and far between and I apologize for that. Grad school has taken over any and all free time, work is same ol' same ol' and working every other weekend for the past few months is rough. I will be lucky if I finish reading 7 more books by next September. I really had to skim through the last half of the most recent book: The Shack. Of all the books I have put on my reading list, this was the most, hmmm, annoying? book and hardest to get through. Sorry.  I've finished three in the past month though, so maybe it is possible!

Sober for October
Yep, Oktoberfest will not be celebrated this year! After Mandy and Robert's wedding on the 1st, I'll be on my sober platform until Halloween. And this being the last Halloween, I HAVE to enter in a costume contest. My mom and I started sewing together what will be the best costume I've ever made....even better than this:

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