January 19, 2011

First post of the new year!

Pic we used in the Christmas cards!
I've been a busy girl since my last post! I found a church I'd like to start attending regularly, read 4 books during the Christmas break, sent out Christmas cards for the first time, added a few beers to my Flying Saucer list, inspired a few more people to create their own 99 lists, and had my first mini mid-life crisis! That's alot to take in, I know...let me back up.

First things first, for whoever is reading my blog for the first time..Welcome! I created this blog 1 year ago, and have been slowly crossing 99 goals off of a "bucket list" of sorts. On the lower right hand side of this page, you'll find links to 10 other 99 lists from other people I've both directly and indirectly inspired. I feel humbled each time I get a message from someone telling me they saw my blog and have decided to make a "99 in 999" list of their own. I hope anyone who is seeing this for the first time will feel that "aha!" moment when you read my list and create one for yourself!

Columbia had a 3 day snow/ice storm last week. The city practically shut down for 2 days, and I took the first of those days to attempt snowboarding (and to cross that off my list) but once I was at the top of the hill and mentally picture my descend and imminent death, I decided to sit on the snowboard and slide down. There were a few other people at the park doing the same, and they invited us to a chili dinner at their friends house. Stephen and I decided to take them up on that tasty offer (thanks Sarah!!) and we were introduced to a ton of new people who all attended Midtown (a church a block away from my house.) My neighbors also go to this church so I walked with them this past Sunday and wow am I happy I did that! Midtown is the first church I have ever been to since I moved to Columbia, and is the first church I've ever willingly attended. Strike THAT off the 99 list! So after all was said and down, there WAS some good that came from an entire city shutting down due to 5 inches of snow!!

After realizing I had read only 5 books last year, I decided to kick it into high gear and read a few Sedaris books. They're short, and funny...I do recommend reading Holidays on Ice (Squirrel seeks Chipmunk? Not so much)! I also read Ishmael, one of the books Stephen got me for Christmas. It has quickly become one of my favorite books and I've begged my brother to read it. Ishmael was truly an eye-opening book and made me think about things in a different way. I loved it, and do highly recommend that book to anyone wanting a short philosophical read.

As far as the mini mid-life crisis goes: back in November, I decided it was time to let my belly button ring finally close up. Sure it's cute when you're 21, but I was, afterall, about to turn a quarter century old and practically retired. December 19th came and went, and a week after my birthday, I tried to turn back the hands of time thinking "No! You're not takin' me yet crypt keeper" and tried to force my belly button rod back in. For 15 minutes I poked and prodded my aging belly button, but to no avail. It was too late. I gave up eventually, admitting my midriff-showing belly-bedazzling days were over.