June 28, 2011

15 months left!

It sounds like a long time, but with as many goals as I still have to mark off the list, the clock is ticking!!

I've sold almost all 40 of my cookbooks, I found my abs again, I am currently reading Diary by Pallanuk and Folly Beach by Dorothea B. Frank, I completed my first Summer course, and I still haven't gone 30 days without drinking!

I competed in the Tri Latta Sprint triathlon about two weeks ago in Charlotte (for pictures, check out my facebook) and I think I did pretty well! I was hoping for under 2 hours, but I came in at 2:11:13. Which is really great for my first tri- and I had (not once) ran a 5k during my training. To be honest, I've never even ran more than 2 miles at one time :-/ So to have ran the whole 5k at the end of swimming 750meters and biking 17 miles is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

Call me crazy. I am competing in ANOTHER tri July 31 in Charleston with Stephen! 

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