August 1, 2011

Charleston Sprint Triathlon

Stephen and I competed in the Charleston Sprint triathlon this past weekend!

This was Stephen's first, and my second tri. Since Stephen had trained with me every step of the way for Tri Latta, it only seemed right for him to show the fruits of his labor. I was in the transition area before Stephen's wave even began the swim, so I never saw Stephen again until I was finishing up the bike and he was just leaving. I'm glad I didn't see what happened to him during the swim...

Apparently, Stephen's goggles fogged up, and he lost his bearings in the water. Instead of following the colored caps of other people, he followed the buoys. But in doing so, I completely skipped a buoy and swam to the finish line! No one in a kayak stopped him or told him he was going the wrong way, so he made it all the way to the finish before someone told him he had to swim ALL the way back to the last buoy then back to the finish if he didn't want to be disqualified!

So he was dead last out of the water :-/ 
Luckily, this gave him some anger motivation and he was able to pass one person on the bike, and several during the run.  Turns out...his final time was 2 minutes faster than mine!!

my family makes signs for everything :-)

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