The List

Items in blue are in progress
Items in pink are complete
Items in orange are incomplete

1. Inspire someone to create a 99 in 999 list of their own (count is up to 8 people!)
2. Eat 14 organic meals (0/14)
3. Go sky diving or bungee jumping - OK so I had the chance to do this, and decided I have too much riding on my staying alive right now lol. Call it a cop out but I have to finish my masters in August and pay off my student loans, and I love my fiance more than I want to risk death
4. Go skiing or snowboarding
5. Travel outside the US. I would love to go to a small Caribbean island or anywhere in Europe!
6. Complete a sprint triathlon (I've done three!!)
7. Read 30 books--school assigned reading does not count (26/30)
8. Adopt a doberman
9. Finish a 21 day Yoga Challenge (1/21)
10. One word: ZUMBA!
11. Go horseback riding
12. Don't watch TV for an entire week. This include watching shows online! (7/7)
13. Send out Christmas cards
14. Bowl a turkey--decide if Wii bowling counts
15. Go white water rafting
16. Go wakeboarding out on the lake
17. Learn to speak conversational Spanish
18. Make it to the gym regularly for 3 months- regularly being 3-4 times a week (2/3)
19. Watch all 6 seasons of Lost (6/6)
20. Go kayaking or canoeing
21. Go camping. Sleeping in an RV does NOT count
22. Try 50 new beers and find a new favorite (50/50)
23. Try 20 new wines and find a red and white wine I actually like (20/20)
24. Complete the P90X system
25. Attend 6 friends' weddings (6/6)
26. Run an 8 minute mile
27. Swim a 500m free in under 10 minutes 
28. Play a full round of disc golf
29. Stay at a bed and breakfast
30. Renew my CPR certification
31. Stay at a beach house with friends
32. Create a quilt using my old ESA shirts
33. Watch the complete Star Wars collection (1/6)
34. Hike 5 waterfalls (4/5)
35. Upgrade my road bike
36. Participate in the Mud Run
37. Learn how to drive a stick shift
38. Visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
39. Donate blood-given I gain enough weight to donate! I am 100% sure I will not gain enough weight to donate blood by the end of my 999 days, so in place of this goal: Run a 5k in under 30 min.
40. Visit the Biltmore House
41. Learn a new sport (disc golf!)
42. Find my abs again!
43. Go somewhere new and exciting for New Years
44. Learn how to play poker
45. Travel to IL to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and 2 nieces
46. Go ice skating
47. Perform in a musical, doesn't have to be lead.
48. Complete 5 works of art (5/5)
49. Attend 3 concerts. One must include Dave Matthews (3/3)
50. Publish a book
51. Make the Dean's/President's list each semester of grad school (8/8)
52. Go to DC for the 4th of July to watch the fireworks
53. Front flip off a dock. For some reason, I am incredibly afraid to do this!
54. Give up something for Lent
55. Go on a roadtrip with my cousins
56. Wash my car 5 times. For those of you who know me, you know how difficult this will actually be (2/5)
57. Go rock wall climbing- Strom counts
58. Replace my glasses
59. Go snorkeling or scuba diving
60. Visit Six Flags or Carowinds and ride as many roller coasters as I can!
61. Photograph 40 of my 99 events (22/40)
62. Send Christmas or Thank You cards to soldiers overseas
63. Send a care package to Erik while he's in Iraq
64. Learn to make 5 cocktails and commit them to memory (3/5)
65. Sing at a Karaoke bar
66. Find a church I enjoy in Columbia
67. Learn to make sushi
68. Choose water over soda or sweet tea 50 times (50/50)
69. Marinate and grill the perfect steak
70. Purchase a nice jewelry hanger for my earrings
71. Begin making home brew
72. Participate in Relay for Life and walk for Edna Grace
73. Donate my hair to Locks for Love
74. Rent a mountain house with friends for the weekend
75. Visit a winery
76. Have a "mother-daughter" day complete with pampering and shopping 
77. Decorate the house for Halloween and Christmas one year (2/2)
78. Complete the spicy tuna hand roll challenge at Bushido (0/10)
79. Participate in a charity bike ride
80. See a Broadway show. I'd REALLY like to see Wicked!
81. No alcohol for a month (28/28) - OK, so I picked a February month. Sober for Oct. was still a success!
82. Compose a flute choir rendition of Canon or The Prayer and perform it at church
83. Re-learn how to play the cello
84. Make goodies one day and bring them to work "just because"
85. Take salsa dancing lessons
86. Cook 10 new successful recipes for dinner (8/10)
87. Make 5 new delicious desserts (5/5)
88. Wake up 30 minutes early to actually fix my hair/makeup before work
89. No fast food for 1 month (30/30)
90. Learn American Sign Language
91. Drive to PCB over the summer
92. Learn how to surf- SC beaches do not count!
93. Buy my first (and probably last) lottery ticket - entered a pool at the office, obvi we did not win!
94. Compliment a stranger
95. Participate in the Cooper River Bridge Run (three times with Stephen!)
96. Enter in a Halloween costume contest
97. Visit a new state
98. Spend a morning meditating on the beach
99. Begin a new "99 in 999" list by day 990

The Golden Rule:
For every item left incomplete at the end of the 999 days, I will donate $1 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital