July 26, 2010

#7. Read 40 books (2/40)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson

I started reading this book during a 2 hour flight delay last month and spent my day off yesterday finishing it. Overall impression? WTF. I knew it would be a helter skelter type book if you've seen the movie, and although it did not make much sense, I still found it very entertaining. I love reading books (or watching movies) about people who have overcome drug addiction or who were/still are abusing drugs and alcohol. I find it so interesting and am incredibly passionate about the subject. I'm fortunate enough to be able to study these subjects at school and I'm actually excited to start classes again in 3 weeks.

On an ironic note, I wasn't able to go 10 days without drinking alcohol. My 30 day count is, once again, postponed. I'm not an alcoholic, so in my head, staying sober is not a "need to" matter, but a "want to." And when I look at it in that light, of course I won't push myself to avoid drinking. I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever be able to take this goal seriously.


  1. Ive read the book as well and it was definitely one of a kind. Much better than the movie in my opinion. On the other note, I was sober for almost 2 years straight. And believe me it wasnt the easiest thing to do. But like you stated, it was something I wanted to do. During that time I never felt better mentally or physically. And since than I have drank again, but that feeling I had during those 2 years will never leave.

  2. I've seen the movie but it was a few years ago and I didn't really understand it. now that i've read the book, i'll try to watch the movie again...not that it will make much sense either!

    I remember you telling me about the time you were sober. I think if I had sober friends, this self challenge would be easier but it's hard when all my friends drink frequently