May 21, 2012

Wedding Venue

Ohh Charleston, why do you have to be so beautiful? It's IMPOSSIBLE to pick a venue in this town that is more perfect than the next. Plantations, Antebellum and lawns, riverfront, farms and barns, beachfront...the possibilities are endless! There were 2 reception locations I'd leveled it down to, and Stephen pretty much gave me free reign with this decision:

1. Harborside East in Mt. Pleasant
helloooo view!
Breathtaking place. Marble floors, wooden walls with antique paintings on the wall, chandeliers surrounded by leather sound barriers, dark green marble tables included inside, and tonnns of wrought iron tables and chairs outside, heat lamps included, covered patio with option to roll down sides, with fans and lights under it, stainless steel outdoor bar, movable cocktail bar, amazing bar area inside...and do I need to even MENTION the view?! This place would be tough to beat. Check out a 360 video view here

2. I'on Creek Club
This place is gorgeous. Chi photography photographed a wedding here and I absolutely fell. in. love. It's also on the water, though a tad bit more inland on the Mt. Pleasant side of the Cooper you get more marsh view which is so beautiful at sunset and just screams Charleston. There are tables and chairs included on the inside, however since we are having our ceremony in a church, we would only need the place for the reception. This is a b-e-a-utiful venue, but I think it's even more beautiful for a couple actually getting married outside here on the lawn. So for us, we wouldn't get the full use out of the space.

Harborside has an AWESOME view of the Cooper River Bridge- which means alot to both Stephen and I since we have ran the 10k over the bridge 3 times together. I knew I wanted to have a view of the water, so anywhere inside and inland Downtown were out.

A little history on the building: It used to be the site of the old Zinc restaurant- in fact, our caterer helped open the kitchen and get them on their feet. Their feet quickly sank though and the restaurant went under, becoming a site for weddings, receptions, dinners, and large meetings. A few years ago they closed it though, because it was sinking in the marsh. They have finally completed the necessary restoration and reconstruction (if you find old wedding reception pics of the place, you'll see that they've taken out a large square fountain outside, as well as a few landscaping details on the brick patio).

They re-opened in October for weddings, so this is actually the first "wedding season" they've been open to the public since 2009! So to make this venue even more special (was that even possible?!) was that is still seems exclusive and not too too many couples have been married/had receptions here. YAY!

It's just amazing on the inside and Lindy, the manager at Harborside was so nice and accommodating. I don't think we could have decided on a better location. We can't wait!

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