May 9, 2012

aNOTHER tri?

Yep, last year just wasn't enough; I'm getting ready for my third tri!
And my cousin/bridesmaid will be competing with me in her very first
(and hopefully not last)

 It might be hard figuring out who's who from the back haha
...but I'll be way ahead of her anyways OHHHH

I sadly haven't been training NEARLY as much as I did last year. I have run 3 races though...

Columbia's 'Get to the Green' 5k on St. Patrick's Day

Waiting during the 1 hr delay for the Cooper River Bridge run (10k) to begin
Last year, I finished the bridge run 18 minutes quicker than the first year I ran it.
This year, my goal was to shave off another 15 minutes.

I came so close!! Finished 11 minutes quicker :-)

And a week after the bridge run, I did the Newberry 5k with my co-workers and their families
We each placed in our age group!
Chad is my supervisor in the sunglasses flanked by his 2 sons! Chad placed first in his age group
(he was the only male in his age group but that's our little secret!)
And his son placed 2nd in his age group
Next to me is our ATS's son, who placed 3rd in his age group

Then there's me, who placed 3rd in my AG
The girl ahead of me beat me by 5 seconds, FIVE!!
..had I only known this during the race

I did beat my goal by 3 minutes though!!

Stephen placed 1st in his AG!!

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