May 13, 2010

#48 and #51

I've started 2 more of goals yesterday:
#48. Complete 5 works of art(1/5)
#51. Make the dean's list every semester (1/5)

I finished my housewarming gift to myself this morning, a recreation of the painting I did for a friend during football season. It's a silhouette of the gamecock with a realistic gamecock in the foreground on a 24x36 canvas. It's my largest undertaking to date, and I actually think it turned out better than the cooler I painted last year! I promise one of these days I'll create a page where my pictures of these goals will go, but until then, you'll just have to see it on my facebook! I think it looks pretty good and I can't WAIT to hang it in my new house. This is only the second time I've really tried painting anything worth displaying, and I am highly considering selling them...I know they'd be a big hit especially here in Columbia :)

I also saw that my grades were finally posted yesterday. I did better than dean's list, I had a 4.0 semester!!! My first one since the 6th parents are so proud!

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