May 12, 2010

#12. Don't watch tv for an entire week

I was just going to wait til I went to Colorado to complete this goal, but not having a TV in my room during the final weeks of school helps too! I have gone about 2 months without watching very much tv, and true, I've caught up with my guilty pleasure (The Amazing Race) watching it on hulu, but i haven't actually parked my rear in front of the tube for hours on end like I did when i had over 1,000 channels and a DVR haha. I have no idea what's going on on American Idol, so my ears have been saved, and I haven't been watching Extreme home makeover, so my tears are saved. I've come to the conclusion that TV is bad for my overall health so once I move into my new place, I don't know if I'll be so quick to get cable now that I know I CAN survive without Oprah!

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