May 18, 2010

#37. Learn how to drive a stick shift

My family and I arrived in Colorado yesterday afternoon after a layover in Texas. Visit a new state is on my list, but according to Stephen, a layover in a new state does not count haha. We were only there for about 45 minutes, so to clarify that goal- i need to actually EXPERIENCE the state, step outdoors at the least!

I was successful in crossing off another goal this morning though! Morgan's jeep is a stick shift and I got a quick lesson from her and drove around the neighborhood. I only stalled 4 times HAH! Driving a stick takes alot of focus, i had to think about clutch, break, if the knob was in 1 or "the middle" (as I call it, I'm sure there's another name), blinkers, clutch + gas, clutch + break. I almost did not have enough mental energy left to look out for other cars at 4 way stops! I never did go into reverse, nor did I go up a steep hill, scary thought.

I'll be possibly crossing another goal off my list on Thursday- stay tuned!

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