June 17, 2012

Love is a Father

Somewhere between the adventure of boyhood and the responsibility of manhood,
there exists an entity known as a father.

Fathers come in various sizes and exhibit assorted behaviors,
but they all live by a similar doctrine.
A father must be strong when he feels weak,
he must maintain composure when he feels like crying,
and he must steadfastly stand tall when he feels the world crumbling beneath him.
His wife adores him,
his friends admire him,
his grandson looks up to him,
and his daughter feels it all.

A father is a magical being. You can ignore his tirades,
but you can't ignore their causes.
You can disregard his demands,
but you can't resent his right to demand.

He has been an integral part of your life,
and you'll never forget the occasions when he built you up
so high you thought you'd explode.
You'll never forget the times you cried because you'd let him down,
and you'll never forget the comfort you found in his words
of consolation given when you needed to known someone really cared.

You might as well face it. His role isn't easy, but his part is just.
He can't be replaced or rejected,
only partially reimbursed and his words recalled.
But he is always remembered.

Whatever you do,
wherever you are,
however old,
whatever experience causes you to become,
you'll always know that what it takes to make a father,
makes you happy you have one.

Love is...having a father.

-Judith Apperson    

Thank you, dad, for all you've done for me.
I'm a lucky daughter to have you,
And Stephen is a lucky man to gain you.

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