January 31, 2012

My Bridesmaids

I chose 5 special ladies as bridesmaids, and the way I wanted to ask them needed to be just as special! A phone call would just not do it! So I started scouring wedding blogs to see what other girls had done for their bridesmaids, then I stumbled upon this at Once Wed. I did something really similar:

My army of bridesmaids!
Each girl was designed to match their individual hair styles...it took about a month to finish them all and cut each tiny little updo! Pretty sure I have arthritis now.

the final product

And now for the girls:

Teresa Womersley
Teresa has been my friend literally every day of my life. Our parents are long friends, our older brothers (both 7 years our senior) have been friends since they were kids, and so we were pretty much born to be friends! Growing up, she was at every single one of my birthday parties and she hasn't missed one yet..how many people can say that about a friend?

Erin Glenn
This picture was taken just days after we met. As you can see...instant friends! Erin was my roommate when I met Stephen. She was there the first night Stephen and I had our first "unofficial" date...and our second, more official double date, and was one of the first to learn of our engagement!

Ashlyn Staples
Ashlyn is one of my cousins, but she is more like a younger sister. We grew up very close with each other and I can not say enough good things about her. I've been blessed to be able to watch her become someone beautiful inside and out.

Lauren Feetham
Lauren is Stephen's sister--we met on my first trip to MD to "meet the parents" and to go on the family trip to Colorado. Every time we are all together, it is always alot of fun. She's made Stephen and I even HAPPIER to find out we will be sharing our special day with a baby nephew due in May! (woah that rhymes) We are really excited :-)

Morgan Kniesche
Morgan is one of my cousins from Colorado. She was able to spend a year in SC and we grew so much closer! Hopefully, Morgan will make Charleston her permanent home :-) We have gone on so many adventures together, hiking, taking a road trip to adopt my dog, Mika!, downtown adventures, and coming in May: we'll be competing in the Athleta IronGirl triathlon!

A few more random pics of my bridal party:
Stephen and I with Morgan, Lauren, and her fiance, Luis (groomsman)
 at Christian's (groomsman) regatta
Stephen and I with Ashlyn, Morgan, and Christian
Ashlyn, Morgan and I at Angel Oak
Erin and I in the Bahamas

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