November 11, 2010

Time for a facelift!

As you've probably noticed, my blog has undergone a MAJOR uplift. Thanks to Google Chrome, my html from my previous template was completely screwed up and I couldn't edit anything at all...sooo I found a loophole, and that is to create multiple "pages." Which, now that I see it, looks alot better and more organized. There's a page especially for my list, and another page just for my beer, book, and wine list...since these are the two things I edit the most and couldn't do this with the old format!

I've also crossed off 2 more goals!

#10. One word: ZUMBA!
I FINALLY attended a zumba class! I have wanted to try this for a long time, but never found a willing person to go with me. My mom actually started going, then started dragging my cousin along, then they dragged me along with them last weekend. I can't say I was highly impressed, but it was a good intro course into zumba...I am definitely going to try and find a class I like up here in Columbia.

#19. Watch all 6 seasons of Lost
I started working on this goal in February and used this to hopefully get a chance to hang out with was my "pick-up line" if you will. ("Soooo I have the 2nd season of you maybe wanna watch it with me??" HAHA!) So I started watching Lost with Stephen, and next thing you know it's 8 months later and we've finally finished watching all 6 seasons. Thank you producers of Lost for creating my "in" and for creating one addicting series!

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