November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

#35. Create 99 journal entries (6/99)

Four things I'm thankful for on this Thanksgiving

4. School and my job. Though the combination of the two have been the sole source of multiple migraines this year, I am still thankful for the both of them. I am lucky to be in grad school, and I'm lucky to have a job. I'm able to pay my rent on time and still put food on the table...I'm already more fortunate than 95% of the people in this world.

3. My 99 list. This list has made this year immeasurably more enjoyable. It's given me courage to overcome a few fears, it's made me more open to change, and it's encouraged me to not give up on challenges or give in to certain temptations (fast food!!). It gives me many things to look forward to and provides me with some great memories!

2. My family...always a source of entertainment and laughs. I love these people! I'm extremely fortunate to have a family that is so caring, compassionate, and always there for me. I'm especially glad I've been able to grow closer to Morgan, one of my cousins who has moved from CO to go to school here. Without her decision to move away from home, I might have never learned some of the "interesting" things I have about her!!

1. My boyfriend, Stephen. I have really lucked out here. I've stopped and asked myself multiple times, "How in the world did I get so lucky?" My smart, thoughtful, talented, sexyman...what would I do without him? He listens to what I have to say, supports me in work and school, takes care of me when I've got another migraine, helps me walk my gigantic dog every night, and loves me no matter how many times I beat him at rummy ;-) I love him so much, and I could spend the rest of my life proving that to him.

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