June 5, 2010

#53. Front flip off a dock

Ok so a diving board isn't exactly a dock, but I say it counts!

Shannon had a pool party yesterday so Erin and I drove down for the day. After a few beers and 3 shots, I was good and ready to conquer my fear of doing a front flip off the diving board. I have no idea why I have this irrational fear, because I can dive off it just fine, but I have this mental block in my head that prevents me from flipping over!

I stood at the edge for a good 15 or 20 minutes, counting to 3 numerous times and trying to handle my nerves digesting some liquid courage, so just when everyone watching gave up hope and turned around, I did it! I don't think I had a full rotation because the small of my back stung for a few minutes, but I still did it!

And after all the fuss, I can honestly say I won't be doing that again for a very long time! It's probably one of the "harder" goals on my list believe it or not...that is, right after going 30 days without consuming any alcohol ;)

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