June 10, 2010

#35. Create 99 journal entries (4/99)

4. What would you do if money were no object?
I would first pay off all my student loans and credit card debt.

I would hire enough helpers to clean up the mess made by BP.

I would buy a nice boat just big enough to seat my best friends, and the prettiest house on the lake...with a heated pool and hot tub in the backyard, a 2 story family room with a fireplace that has a 2 story stone mantle, a black grand piano, an updated kitchen that catches the morning sun and has an intricate Mediterranean inspired tile backsplash and gas range with a huge fume hood, a gorgeous bathroom with a large walk-in shower and 2 rainfall showerheads on either side...and an overflow tub like this one!! ....OK, so I watch alot of HGTV!! I could go on, but I will get sad because money IS an object lol

I would travel to England, the Philippines, Italy, France, Germany to see the Allens, Amsterdam, Spain, Ireland, and as many south and central american countries as I can while still feeling like my life was not threatened. And once I found a nice place on the country side, I would build a vacation house there.

I would donate as much as I could to the Susan Komen breast cancer foundation and St. Jude Children's research hospital

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