March 7, 2010

#41. Learn a new sport

YEAAAA DISC GOLF! I told my mom about playing with my friend Stephen and she had never heard of the sport before. Basically you play with different shaped/weighted discs that are smaller and heavier than frisbees. It's like playing golf, there's 18 holes and most of them around Columbia are par 3 but instead of a hole, you're aiming for a metal goal about 200 or so feet away. The rules are pretty much the same too though if you've ever played any game with me, you know i tend to play by my own rules, and in my made up rules it's not how many throws it takes to get there, but the speed in which you do it!

Maybe one day I'll be so lucky to throw an ace like this guy!

In other news: I'm about halfway through Lent and halfway closer to reuniting with fast food! My Arby's cravings are growing stronger every day. March 28th- please come swiftly!

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