February 9, 2010

Induction to the UFO Club

#22. Try 50 new beers at Flying Saucer
Erin and I went to flying saucer last night for pint night and signed up for the UFO club. This keeps track of how many beers you've had and won't count repeats (which is a good thing for me) because anyone who has gone to bars with me knows I am not one to branch out...budweiser, budlight, or soco and coke are always my only choices. Saucer is known for the wide range of beer on tap and I figured what better place to get me to branch out!

So we got the shirt (YEA!) and had our first three last night. Still being a person to stick with what she knows, I ordered a beer that's already tried and true. New Belgium fat tire..verdict: good beer! Then an Allagash white. NOT a fan. Then a Sweetwater blue..verdict: ehh, indifferent?

Here's a random fact: out of all 5 senses, the sense of smell stays in our memory longest. Whenever I smell something, I'm always associating it with something from my childhood.

So last night when I smelled this Allagash white, it smelled exactly like a wicker basket! Weird, yes, but I thought of all the times I went to Waccamaw with my mom as a kid- which has since gone out of business. Sad to say, the taste was not as fond as the memory. The Sweetwater blue smelled like a bathroom air freshner. Didn't taste too bad, but couldn't help thinking about the bathroom at Bey's when I drank it!

I've added a box on the right to keep track of my beer and wine list just because it's easier than logging into the beerknurd website. Along with really cheesy icons to let you know how I felt about them

Three beers is all they allow you to log in one night so we'll be making a trip again in the very near future. Stay tuned...


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